4 Foods To Add To Your Diet (RIGHT NOW!) For Better Health

Hi there my NamaPeeps!
You know, I miss you during the weeks when I don’t put out a post – I get FOMO – like, what are you doing? Where did you go? What did you EAT? How did you SWEAT? How are you FEELING?
Sometimes I’m tempted to put out blog posts during my “off-weeks” just so I can check in with you guys – but I’ve been trying NOT to do that

The Zen Files

On Kindness

I don’t know if I’ve ever been kind to myself.
I know that sounds funny, seeing as I’ve touted myself as a clean eater, exercise enthusiast, mindfulness seeker, and self-improvement devotee.

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The Zen Files

On Messiness

Recently I started to read Rising Strong by Brené Brown, where she talks at length about the part of the experience of struggle that we as human beings (and generally polite members of society) mostly fail to discuss (w